How To Submit For Representation

If you are seeking representation, please e-mail me. All the information you will need to submit yourself for consideration is on this page. At the moment, I am currently seeking actors for commercial representation or actors that I can represent across the board both commercially and theatrically.  I do not accept actors only theatrically unless you have very strong theatrical film and TV credits. The exception to this would be I have reached out to you expressing my interest in you theatrically.

Submission Guidelines

No babies at this time unless they are twins.

Children 4 years old up to 18

Adults 18+ up to any age.


When you contact me through e-mail, please send me a headshot, resume, and a link to your work. If you don't have a link to your work, please contact me at a later date when you have something you can show me. I am a big fan of seeing your professionalism and the best way for me to see this is to show me both your links on your Actors Access Profile and your LA Casting/Casting Networks Profile. I'm looking for profiles that are thoroughly set up with ALL the sections filled in with your resume and skills listed and a nice variety of current usable photos. If you have way too many photos and they are old, you should do yourself a favor and remove them. Clean, neat and current is best.


By showing me your profiles, this tells me you are set up and ready to go and the only thing I need to do with you is add you to my roster if we decide to work together. Please make sure you know how to send these links. I get a lot of links that are blank and are just sending me to the main site and not your profile. Again, another way for me to see if you are professional is by doing things right. Call up the sites and ask them exactly how to send someone your link and then send yourself a test e-mail with the link before you send it to me. 


Please write a cover letter explaining what type of representation you are looking for whether it be commercial, theatrical or across the board. Tell me who you are and give me a reason to call you in. If you do not take the time to write a cover letter, I will not take the time to get back with you as I don't have any idea as to who you are and what you are seeking. Besides, it's just not professional to not include a cover letter so right off the bat you are showing me how you will treat our relationship and your career.

​If your photos are not professional and they are not taken by a real headshot photographer, do not submit to me. I realize actors like to wait until they get a new agent before they get headshots and that is technically the best thing to do so your agent can tell you the looks they would like to see. However, having a tree, a bush, a fence, anything distracting in the background, or sending a selfie, will tell me you are not professional so I won't call you in. Also, if you don't look exactly like the the headshot you are sending me, I will be upset with you when you meet with me and you don't look like your headshot. Biggest offenders here are women and their hair, men and their facial hair, Women and their makeup and airbrushing, and older people whose hair is gray, which is ok, but your photo doesn't have gray hair in it. If I've called you in to meet with me, I've called in the person in the photo. 


At this stage, I'd really just like to work with actors who are ready to go and have all the marketing tools already. I just don't have the time to hold your hand through the process. Get it together before you submit to me. Look like a working actor! 

If you are out of state please only contact me after you have actually MOVED to Los Angeles. All this crap about being a bi-coastal actor doesn't work for me because I have a hard enough time getting actors that actually live here to make auditions so please don't think you'll be able to jump on a plane at a moment's notice because you can't and you won't so lets save the heartache and not even start a relationship.

However, if you are a voice-over actor and have a professionally equipped home studio for recording, I will make an exception as to where you live because it doesn't matter. Please note though, while I do submit for many voice-over roles, that we are not an agency that specializes in voice-over and you may be better well suited at an agency whose specialty is voice-over. But if you're just getting started, we might be a good place for you. Please make sure you have a well rounded demo reel of your work you can send me. Quality is everything here so don't scrimp on taking the time and effort to make a competitive demo reel. 

We are not a literary agency. Please do not send me any unsolicited material. It happens every day and I'm not quite sure why. If you are a writer do yourself a favor and know the difference between a talent agent and a literary agent. Please go to to find a literary agent. Also, if you can't do enough research to address your query letter to a real person, you're going to be rejected. Call up the agency and ask them the name of the agent who works with writers for the genre you have written. By all means, get the spelling of their name. If you are new, you might be better off sending your query letter to the agent's assistant. I'm just sayin'. 


If you are a model, I don't specialize in fashion models and I only represent commercial print models. There is no height requirement for commercial print models.  I do not require a portfolio for models. Submit up to 3 photos that best represent you. Please include one beauty shot, a full body shot, and one other shot. Please note, if I accept you for commercial print, you will also be expected to go out on commercial auditions so please have improv acting experience. Also, if you have a link to your LA Casting/Casting Networks account you can send me that would be great!

Our e-mail address is:

Please put "New Talent" in the subject line.

You can also mail a hard copy of your materials to:

Hollywood Original Talent 

6115 Selma Ave. Suite 207

Hollywood, CA  90028.


If you are in the Hollywood area, you can drop off your headshot and slip it under my office door. Please do not knock on the office door or pop in to say hello. Exceptions would be if you'd like to bring me a bottle of booze...OK, I'm really just kidding as I thought we needed a little comic relief at this point:) I'm a talent agent, so believe me when I tell you, I've got the liquor situation covered!

If you do not hear from me within a few weeks, I most likely have someone very similar to you in looks and abilities and would be doing you a disservice by representing you. I try to avoid inner-agency competition between my clients.  

Lastly, if you already have a manager, please do not contact me for representation. I do not like to work with managers. Yes, I said it. Sorry  to the managers I already work with but it's true. Most managers and agents do EXACTLY the same thing, even though they technically aren't supposed to. We both submit for the SAME projects. If you have a manager, you don't need an agent and vice versa. 


Thank you!

Lisa Butler